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10th Anniversary year:開校10年目になりました。



Kindergarten Admission for September2016 :

An application for admission is accepted.

Sister School Camelot International School:
(姉妹校) キャメロットインターナショナルスクール

An application for admission is accepted. 生徒募集中
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Our Philosophy:教育理念

Our main aim is to present children with the opportunity to learn and grow with awareness and understanding of different cultures and societies in an English-speaking environment.
Aside from learning the language alone, the children will develop a caring heart, the joy of sharing, and an appreciation for nature, as well as respect for parents and teachers.
In preparation for life, the children will learn to rise and adapt from the obstacles they face rather than being held down by the inevitable problems they will encounter as they grow up. They will understand the value of responsibility and have an appreciation for others.
They will learn problem-solving skills and principles that will guide them as they follow their dreams to be the future leaders of their generation.


Our Mission:本校の役割

•Be able to gain the self-confidence to be able to express themselves in a verbal or non-verbal manner.
•Develop the discernment needed to deal with situations and problems encountered in the right or wrong way.
•Develop an understanding and appreciate different ethnicities, cultures, gender, and values.
•Become effective and analytical thinkers and problem solvers.
•Develop the discernment to be able to gain self-control.
•Become literate in reading and writing the English language.
•Develop an understanding about community and be able to participate in and contribute to their surrounding environment


Other Classesその他の教室